Thursday, February 5, 2009

Watch out for the munchie monster

If your a gramma you know the munchie trap well. Busy Gramma's battle it just like busy mommies do.

I seem to be battling it today and just realized as I ate another cookie. :o

Generally the munchie monster as I call it sneaks up on you. Your busy, changing diapers, cleaning babies, giving baby massages and getting the kiddo's dressed. Hunger hits. You have a lot to do so you fix the wee one a bottle and the bigger wee one some breakfast.

As you continue getting things done you grab a *tiny* bite of something anything. Then its play time and more diapers and cleaning etc..... Lunch time hits your busy preparing something preferably healthy for your grand child. While your at it you sneak a few bits here and there and then off to more busyness.

Snack time hits and your famished the thought hits.."Have I eaten today?" that thought is followed by well.... not much and in goes the cookie.

When realization finally hits you are hungry because in essence all you have eaten is junk food on the go. The few tiny bits of something healthy while preparing a meal just don't count for much food content. However, your calorie limit is heading thru the roof.

The best thing to do at this point is have a nice healthy salad to stave off junk food cravings the rest of the day. Play a little extra with the wee ones and plan a healthy supper with the family.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Plan ahead to keep the munchie monster at bay. Healthy foods that can be grabbed and eaten when hunger hits at the busiest moments will help as will planning small meals for yourself. Preferably breakfast before the wee ones are up and lunch maybe at nap time. This will help you avoid the munchie monster.

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