Friday, January 30, 2009

Burn Calories while relaxing and Having Fun!

A day spent hiking in the beauty of nature is good for this Nana. A little fresh air mixed with lots of activity and exploring. Its going to be a lovely weekend for this time of year. My plans include a nice long hike in the country. Not sure where yet. You can be sure I will be dressed warmer than in the picture.

Fun Fact: Hiking burns a ton of calories. If you want a nice big juicy cheeseburger go for a two hour hike and that cheeseburger is as good as free calories. :)


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  2. The best kind of exercise is always done outdoors. :) I have found any excuse to involve the whole family in doing outdoor exercises with me. You wouldn't believe how hard it was at the beginning, they wanted to exercise indoors. I also found a good site to get free diet plans online. I like to find diets I like and mix them together picking which one I like most.